Dra. Celia Angelina Sánchez Pérez
Celia A. Sánchez-Pérez

Member of the academic staff

Members of the Academic Staff

The Unit for Research and Technological Development (UIDT) of ICAT at the General Hospital of Mexico Dr. Eduardo Liceaga (HGMEL) was opened on September 20, 2013. This Unit has the objective of conducting research and developing technologies that contribute to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as to health professional practice and clinical teaching related to diseases in the Mexican population. A particular interest is placed on the training of human resources in the areas of Physics and Biomedical Engineering, promoting collaboration between the Institute’s academic staff and the HGMEL’s medical staff. Currently, two members of the academic staff of ICAT have permanent affiliation to the HGMEL’ activities and academic staff from the different academic groups at ICAT work with doctors, resident doctors, students and with the Hospital´s staff through joint projects.

  • Fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy in tissue.
  • Medical robotics.
  • Biomechanics and assisted rehabilitation.
  • Computer-assisted surgery.
  • Instrumentation and analysis of biosignals.
  • Optical tests in biofluids for medical diagnosis.
  • Perception and cognition.
  • Biomedical imaging.
  • Computational modeling.
  • Statistics and modeling of massive databases.
  • Therapeutic nutrition.
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