Dr. Miguel Angel Bañuelos Saucedo
Dr. Miguel Angel Bañuelos Saucedo

Member of the academic staff


The Research and Technological Development Unit (Unidad de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico, UIDT) at the General Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea-González is the result of a cooperation agreement signed on October, 7th, 2015.

The UIDT belongs to the Applied Medical Innovation Center (Centro de Innovación Médica Aplicada, CIMA) of the Hospital, where other groups from the Faculty of Engineering, UNAM, and the Secretary of the Navy, also collaborate.

Our objective is to work on joint research and technological development projects, human resource training, academic staff exchange, technical and scientific information exchange, specialized technical assistance and services, oriented to get a better understanding of practical solutions to health problems.

The Unit constitutes a bridge for the collaboration between academic staff specialized in several branches of engineering and physics with specialty doctors at the hospital.

  • Development of trocars for endoscopic surgery.
  • Development of low-cost food supplements with high nutrition value, from vegetables, for the improvement of life standards in limited food intake patients.
  • Computer vision system for the evaluation of surgery dexterity.
  • Bioelectronics.
  • Pressure measurement in gastric conducts.