Accredited Laboratory of Metrology


The Laboratory of Metrology of the Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology is the basic infrastructure in which a team of experts on precision engineering spread accuracy with traceability to industries, teaches metrology, and develops technologies around measures as well.

Since 1987 it has served to industries and R&D laboratories, for linking them with the International System of Units, constituted by CIPM, primary laboratories, and accreditation agencies.

At present, the agency which links it to the System is Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Inc., for more than ten magnitudes, including: length, orthogonality, angle, straightness, flatness, 3D measures, and calibration of coordinate machines.

But industry and R&D centres demand support on many other magnitudes or applications like hipoidal gears, sculptured surfaces, parabolic mirrors, archaeological layers; for those applications and others, the Team has developed particular solutions.

The Precision Engineering team offers curricular courses for undergraduate and graduate students, and special courses for industries configured on demand.