Member of the academic staff

M. en I. Rigoberto Nava Sandoval
Rigoberto Nava Sandoval

Members of the Academic staff

Mission: The Section for Prototype Development of ICAT was created in 2006. Its mission is to develop scientific instruments and devices that meet both the needs of ICAT and other UNAM units as well as those of external organizations and private companies. Vision: To be a key element in the technological development and the scientific advance in Mexico, with the best technologies for the fabrication of equipment and devices. Quality policy We develop all the scientific instruments and artifacts with the participation of our clients in order to satisfy their requirements to the smallest detail.

In the Section for Prototype Development:

“We develop your ideas and materialize your designs”.

“We team with our clients”

The Section for Prototype Development has qualified personnel for various manufacturing processes and the ad hoc infrastructure mentioned below:
  • 1,800 m2 industrial building
  • 5 ton-traveling crane
  • Area for receipt of supplies and delivery of finished equipment
  • Area for assembling prototypes under development
Machinery for manufacturing processes by numerical control (CNC)
  • A CNC machining center with a work volume of 600 by 400 by 300 mm
  • A high precision machining center for surface finishing
  • 3 CNC lathes up to 500 mm of turning and 1000 mm en length
  • A water jet cutting machine with a cutting capacity up to 120 mm thick of plates and 1220 mm X 3010 of any material except tungsten carbide, tempered glass, cardboard and paper.
Manually operated machines:
  • Two milling machines up to 600 X 300 X 200 mm
  • 5 lathes up to 500 mm of turning and 900 mm length
  • A radial drill with 900 mm arm
  • Two milling drills
  • Three column drills
  • Two brushes up to 500 mm X 300 mm
  • A vertical band saw
  • A horizontal bandsaw
  • Electric welding equipment
  • TIG welding equipment
  • MIG welding equipment
  • 20 ton hydraulic press
  • Mechanical design
  • Stress and strain analysis by finite element
  • Manufacture of metallic and non-metalic parts
  • Instrument and equipment construction
  • A chief executive officer
  • A workshop manager
  • A secretary
  • 8 mechanical technicians
  • Variable number of students participating in the development projects