Members of the Academic Staff

The group’s aim is to generate new knowledge and technology in areas of research including measurement devices to monitor physical variables for the specific analysis of processes in fluids and soft matter using optics, electronics and ultrasound. The mission of the Sensor group is to make public its research results and develop human resources in our field of work at all levels. The members of the group participate in the training of human resources and teaching in the following academic programs:
  • Master’s and Doctorate Programs in Engineering, in the field of Electrical Engineering, within the instrumentation research line.
  • Graduate program in Physical Sciences.
  • Undergraduate program in Physics and Electrical-Electronic Engineering.
  • Light and electric fields as sensors of the macroscopic state and the microstructure of matter.
  • Physical mechanisms of sensors and transducers using theoretical analysis and experimentation.
  • Design of electric field sensors for characterization of electrical properties in physical-chemical and biological processes.
  • Instrumentation and implementation of fiber optics sensors applied to measurement techniques of physical magnitudes.
  • Development of capacitance measurement methods with high sensitivity and resolution.
  • Effective medium theory and coherent scattering in optics of inhomogeneous media applied to sensors optimization and analysis.
  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) applied to materials characterization.
  • Instrumentation in LIBS to enhance trace detection capabilities.

Four laboratories with specific equipment to perform basic and applied research investigation:

  • Sensor Physics Laboratory
  • Optical Fiber Sensor Laboratory
  • Plasma Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Electrical Sensors Laboratory