Members of the Academic Staff

The Process Engineering Group (GIP) works on the following research and development lines: fluid engineering, food science and engineering, extensional and computational rheology and scientific and industrial instrumentation. Because of its nature, the Group has worked on projects financed by different sectors (academic, governmental and industrial).

With the industrial sector, the GIP has collaborated with international companies such as Fresenius-Kabi (Germany), Total Petrochemicals (USA) and Sumitomo (Japan). With the health sector, the GIP is currently collaborating with the General Hospital of Mexico on nutrition issues.

In terms of teaching, the group members teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels; in addition, the group participates in the training of human resources through the supervision of academic stays and social services, as well as the supervision of thesis at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The GIP also participates in dissemination activities through the delivery of conferences, preparation of dissemination bulletins, among others. It is worth mentioning that, currently, one of the members (G. Ascanio) serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Research and Technology, which is edited by ICAT and currently indexed in Scopus and Scielo, among others.