Nanostructured substrates

Members of the Academic Staff

Our research is focused on the study of the interactions between nanostructured substrates and functionalizing chemical species and on exploring their possible applications. The applied materials are carbon nanostructures (carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanodiamond), porous substrates and deposited metal nanostructures (Au, Ag, Cu, Ir y Fe).  

The specific research questions of our group are the development of new synthetic methods and their application to the synthesis of useful nanostructured systems; the functionalization of nanostructured substrates in order to modulate their properties; the characterization of the obtained nanostructured systems applying spectroscopy and microscopy techniques; the development of analytic platforms for the detection of biochemical species; and the testing of the obtained nanostructured systems for possible applications in advanced environmental purification processes, detection of biomolecules, nanocatalysis, development of sensors, drug delivery, adsorption of heavy metals, among others.

  • Studies of molecule-substrate interaction.
  • Functionalization of nanostructures to attain new chemical and physical properties.
  • Development of analytic platforms suitable for detection of biomolecules and environmental monitoring.