Microtechnology and Neural Networks

Members of the Academic Staff

The general objective of the group “Microtechnology and Neural Networks” is the investigation of different structures with neural networks, developments of the algorithms that permit us to use neural networks for automatization of the processes of manufacture and assembly of equipment in area of micromechanics and renewable energy. With this purpose we develop the systems of computer vision based on neural networks.

The group has the following results: more than 300 publications in national and international journals, in proceedings of the national and international conferences, 3 books y 8 chapters in the books. The members of the group have seven Mexican patents, two patents in Spain and one patent in USA.

More than 60 lectures were given in ICAT and other institutions of la UNAM.

The members of the group have prepared 10 Ph.D. students, 14 Magister Students and 8 Bachelor students.

  • Neural netwotks
  • Image recognition
  • Micromanufacturing and microassembly
  • Adaptive control
  • The principal line of the investigation is the development of  of new structures and algorithms for implementation of neural networks and applications of these neural networks in micromechanics and renewable energy.
  • The Group developed new applications of neural networks in renewable energy. Special attention was dedicated to development of solar concentrators with flat triangular mirrors that approximated parabolic surfaces. Three prototypes of solar concentrators were developed and produced. The first prototype had 24 flat mirrors, the second 90 mirrors and the third 210 mirrors. The last prototype demonstrated the best productivity.
  • To produce a solar concentrator of low cost is necessary to use microequipment manufacturing and assembly totally in automatic mode of operation. It is possible to obtain full automatization on the base of la computer vision.
  • Another line of investigation connected with development of computer vision system based on neural networks is applications of these systems in agriculture; in particular, in larva o beetle recognition to decrease pesticides application and to improve the environment.
  • The Group has equipments as computers, software, conventional machine tools, CNC machine tools, y electronic equipment.
  • With this equipment the prototypes of the micromachine tools, two prototypes of  system of computer vision for image recognition for microassembly, one system of handwritten digits recognition, different computer models and prototypes of micromanipulators, prototypes of step motors,  etc.