Members of the Academic Staff

The group’s objective is to develop and consolidate capacities of a high theoretical and practical level in the field of Knowledge Technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

It promotes the development of intelligent organizations and automates decision-making, through the design, development and implementation of Intelligent Systems to solve problems of various kinds and complexities that occur in different domains such as: health, education, environment, energy and industry.

Develops and integrates Techniques, Models, Processes and Programs based on Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Knowledge Technologies.

  • Development of Intelligent Systems as Support to Decision Making using techniques of: Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Learning Models, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT) for the development of Integrated, Embedded, Distributed and Cooperating Intelligent Systems Architectures.
  • Development of Knowledge Management Systems and Business Intelligence applying techniques of Data Mining, Big Data, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
  • Applications in the area of Health for Assisted Surgery using Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Development projects:

  • Design, integration and start-up of an online digital platform to perform basic energy self-diagnostics in Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Companies (PyMEs).
  • Data Science Applied to the analysis of data from aerospace platforms: Case Study of Forest Fires by zones (2021-2022).
  • Design and Development of an electronic book for the Learning of Expert Systems.
  • Simulator based on virtual reality for the training of psychomotor skills and abilities in laparoscopic surgery.
  • Immersive system based on virtual reality of a simulated operating room.
  • Prototype of articulated laparoscopic surgical instruments.
  • Advice and development of technology valuation studies based on UNAM research results.