Image Analysis Visualization and Bioinformatics

Members of the Academic Staff

Our group performs applied research in the fields of Image Processing and Analysis, in two and three dimensions, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Scientific Visualization and Bioinformatics. We develop solutions for a wide variety of applications in Biology, Medical and Physical Sciences (especially in Geology, and Neurobiology, at present), among others. We work on algorithms to extract, analyze and model data in one or more dimensions, also to build representative models of different kinds of data series and structures; we design digital phantoms to validate analysis methods and algorithms for measuring features on discrete-data volumes. We also study innovative methods in image processing and analysis, mainly for assessing morphological features, comprising characterization of shape and morphometry, textural and color analysis. We also widely use concepts and tools from Mathematical Morphology.  On the other hand, we carry out scientific and technological research in the area of bioinformatics in the development of projects related to the “omics” sciences, mainly genomics, transcriptomics and metagenomics, for the massive analysis of data.

  • Bioinformatics and Pattern Recognition.

  • Computer Vision.

  • Complex structures and multi-dimensional information: extraction, representation, processing, analysis and visualization.

  • Scientific visualization, computer simulation, graphics and three-dimensional Reconstruction.

  • Image processing and analysis, research, and applications.

  • (LV) Teaching in the postgraduate programs of Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences of the UNAM and the postgraduate program in the School of Sciences, UAEM-Mor.
  • (LV)  Present collaborations with the Institute of Biotechnology, UNAM, the Center for Genomic Sciences, UNAM. The Center for Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences, UAEM – Mor.
  • (JM) Teaching participation in a diplomate in the School of Sciences (“Facultad de Ciencias)-UNAM and regular courses in the postgraduate programs of Computer Science and Engineering, and Physical Sciences. Thesis direction.
  • (JM) Present collaborations with the Institutes of Biotechnology-UNAM, Geology-UNAM, the National Institute of NeuroBiology-UNAM and the Department of Computer Science of The University of Auckland, New Zealand.