Acoustics and Vibrations

Felipe Orduña-Bustamante

He is appointed as a researcher at the Acoustics and Vibration Group at ICAT-UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.  He holds a Bsc degree in Physics (UNAM, 1987), as well as MSc and PhD degrees in Sound and Vibration (University of Southampton, UK, 1990, 1995).  His research topics include acoustic instrumentation, acoustic measurements, signal processing, musical acoustics, and music technology. Author of numerous peer-reviewed journal publications, conference papers, technical reports, and international patents.  He has been a fellow member of the Acoustical Society of America, the Audio

Engineering Society, and other academic societies.  He is a professor and thesis supervisor at the Engineering and Music faculties at UNAM, participating in the creation of graduate study programs in scientific Instrumentation (1998), and music technology (2004).  He is an amateur musician, player of the classical guitar, baroque transverse flute, recorder, early and electronic keyboards, and choral singer.

Author Id.: “Orduña-Bustamante, Felipe”




  • Acoustic instrumentation and measurements.
  • Acoustic signal processing.
  • Musical acoustics and music tecnology.

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41 international peer-reviewed papers, published in scientific journals (31) and in proceedings  (10).

60 other papers published in journals: international (2), local (2), and in proceedings: international (28), local (31).

734 citations, h-factor=10 on February, 2023.

Mexican patent No. 391818, 2017-2037. Felipe Arturo Machuca-Tzili, Felipe Orduña-Bustamante, Antonio Pérez-López, Santiago Jesús Pérez-Ruiz, Andrés E. Pérez-Matzumoto, “Modified acoustic transmission tube apparatus for measurements of sound transmission loss”.

Six computer applications for acoustics with copyright registration (Mexico).

Two international patents on digital audio processing and multichannel sound reproduction.

Doctoral research project sponsored by the University of Southampton (U.K.), Adaptive Audio Ltd. (U.K.), and six japanese companies: Alpine, Bridgestone, Hittachi, MTT Instrumentation, Nissan, Yamaha.

Comercial patent explotation agreement, 1996-2008, between Adaptive Audio Ltd., and Yamaha.

Two technological reasearch projects, 2006-2008, 2008-2010, sponsored by Intel Corp., through Intel Systems Research Center-México.


Thesis supervisor and teacher in the graduate study programs of Electrical Engineering (Acoustic Instrumentation), Music (Music Technology), and Physics at UNAM.

Teaching experience in over 60 one-semester courses and over 40 talks.

Thesis supervisor of 45 theses: 13 doctoral, 25 master’s, and seven undergraduate.


Dulce Rosario Ponce-Patrón (Urban Architecture).

Martha María Madrigal-León (Music Cognition).

Sebastian Mauricio Palacios-Romero (Electrical Engineering, Acoustic Instrumentation).


Ángel Eduardo Arellano-Pérez (Architectural Technology).

José Edgar Bernardo Orozco-Mora (Music Technology).


Ledín Rodríguez-López (Music, double bass).

Dr. Guillermo Quintero-Pérez. Postdoctoral project: “Design and development of acoustic metamaterial elements for the attenuation of urban traffic noise”.

Aristides Moisés Quintero-González. Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. “Thermoacoustic evaluation of coconut fibre materials for thermal and acoustic conditioning of rooms”.

Curriculum Vitae.

“El Laboratorio de Acústica y Vibraciones del CCADET-UNAM”, Creadores Universitarios, Foro TV, November 7, 2016.

Escucha, hablemos del sonido”, December 5, 2012, Canal 22.

Hoy por Hoy en la Ciencia”, Laboratorio de Acústica y Vibraciones, CCADET-UNAM, July 28, 2012.