Catalysis and Surface Processes

Norma Angélica Sánchez-Flores

Borned in Mexico City, Mexico. Phd in Chemical Sciences by UNAM in 2004. Full time academic in ICAT, UNAM since 1989.

Titular academic technician level C, with appointment in the National Research System as National Researcher level I. Supervising professor for undergraduate students in Faculty of Chemistry and FES Zaragosa, UNAM. Supervising professor for graduate students in the programs of Materials Science and Engineering (Materials Research Institute, UNAM) and Medical, Dentistry and Health Sciences (Faculty of Dentistry, UNAM).

Author of different products derivate from research work in the area of environmental pollution and health; related with zeolites and synthesis of porous materials. Author of 22 papers in international circulation indexed journals, 1 paper in national circulation journal, 1 patent granted, 1 patent request, 11 international congress memories, 7 national congress memories, 1 chapter in an e-book.

Awarded with the Recognition “Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz” from UNAM in 2009 and Special Stimulus “Alejandro Medina” in 2019 and in 2020. Participant in funded projects of CONACYT, PAPIIT and ICyTDF. Evaluator on international circulation journals as RSC Advances, ACS Applied Materials & Intefaces and Revista Internacional de Contaminación Ambiental.

  • Study of doped zeolites with metallic nanoparticles with an application as catalyst for the reduction in environmental pollution.

  • Study of the properties of a bio ceramic synthetized from rice husk ashes.
  • PAPIIT Project IN103719 “Catalytic oxidation of soot, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide using supported nanoparticles”.
  • Thesis supervision of undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate level courses

  • Tutor of the Research Work I and II courses for Chemists. Bachelor level, Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM.

  • Tutor of the Academic Stay course for Chemical Engineers. Bachelor level, Faculty of Chemistry. UNAM.
  • Tutor of the Social Service program of the Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM.



  • Pérez Osorio Juan Manuel


  • Chávez Guerra Claudia
  • Berber García Carlos Alejandro
  • Sierra García Leonardo Gabriel
  • Jose Espinoza Leslie Aline
  • Ruiz González Carlos Daniel
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  • Patent granted.-  N.A. Sánchez, G. Pacheco, J.J. Fripiat y J.M. Saniger,  “PROCESO DE OBTENCIÓN DE ZEOLITA ZSM-5 A PARTIR DE CÁSCARA DE ARROZ” PATENT No. 298632, Mexico.

  • Patent request.- N.A. Sánchez, M. Marin, J. Arenas y J.M. Saniger, “CERÁMICA BIOACTIVA COMO SUSTITUTO ÓSEO Y MÉTODO DE OBTENCIÓN DE LA MISMA A PARTIR DE CENIZAS DE CÁSCARA DE ARROZ” Register: MX/a/2016/010975, Mexico
  • Bachelor´s thesis.-  García Moreno Dirce Carolina “Síntesis de silicatos de litio a partir de ceniza de cáscara de arroz por el método Sol-Gel” Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM (2018)
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  • Doctoral thesis.- Marín Miranda Miriam “Formación de la capa de apatita en un biovidrio sintetizado por técnica sol-gel, usando como material base la ceniza de cáscara de arroz” Graduate in Medical, Dentistry and Health Sciences, UNAM (2016)
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  • Bachelor´s thesis.-  Macedo Sánchez Juan Luis Escalamiento de la Producción de la zeolita tipo MFI sintetizada a partir de cenizas de cáscara de arroz” Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM (2015)