Optical Instrumentation

Martha Rosete-Aguilar

Obtained a BSc in Physics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, in 1989; a Master of Science in Applied Optics in 1990 and completed a PhD in 1994 at the Imperial College of Science and Technology of the University of London, Great Britain.  In 1994 she joined UNAM as a research scientist at the Instituto de Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología, ICAT, and was promoted to University Professor in April 2019.  She teaches optics to undergraduates in the School of Science and to graduate students at the Electrical Engineering School and the Physical Science School at UNAM. Her main research interests include geometrical optics, optical design, instrumental optics, the propagation of light in birefringent lenses and in ultrafast optics working on the mathematical modelling of the propagation and focusing of ultrashort pulses of light and the optical design of ultrashort laser cavities. She has served as Topical Editor for Applied Optics, a journal from The Optical Society-OSA in USA, from September 2016 to March 2019, and as Deputy Editor for the same journal from March 2019. She was invited by the OSA Board of Directors to serve as a member of the R.W. Wood Prize Committee for a term beginning 1 March 2017 and ending 29 February 2019, a prize established in 1975 to recognize an outstanding discovery, scientific or technical achievement, or invention in the field of optics. Her main work at UNAM is research, lecturer and as thesis´s supervisor to all levels: PhD, master and bachelor. She has a wide participation in academic committees at UNAM and outside. Currently she is the head of the laboratory of optical instrumentation and head of the optics workshop.

  • Optical design

  • Ultrafast optics

  • Microscopy

  • Optical instrumentation

  • Instrumentation and application of optical polarimetry.
  • Modelling of the wavefront aberration using Zernike polynomials for applications in femtosecond pulses.
  • Instrumentation for the characterization of ultrashort pulses in time and space.
  • Polarimetric microscope for the analysis of semitransparent samples inmerse in water.
  • Construction of an automated low-cost optical microscope.
  • Measuring wavefront aberration using interferometry.
  • Selected topics in Instrumentation (Optics), Postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering, UNAM.
  • Selected topics in Instrumentation (Optical Design), Postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering, UNAM.
  • Geometrical Optics, Postgraduate studies in Physical Science, UNAM.
  • Optics, Bachelor in Physics, School of Sciences, UNAM.


  • José Agustín Moreno Larios; Doctorado en Ingeniería Eléctrica- Instrumentación, UNAM

  • Efrén Ulloa Peña; Doctorado en Ingeniería Eléctrica- Instrumentación, UNAM

  • Adrián Aupart Acosta; Doctorado en Ingeniería Eléctrica- Instrumentación, UNAM


  • Rolando Fleites Gutiérrez; Maestría en Ingeniería Eléctrica-Instrumentación, UNAM.

  • Rosa Alejandra Ramírez Ramírez; Maestría en Ingeniería Eléctrica-Instrumentación, UNAM.

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