Photophysics and Thin Films

María Herlinda Montiel-Sánchez

Dr. Montiel obtained her doctor’s degree in Science and Materials Engineering from the Institute of Materials Research (IIM), National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) on December 7, 2004, where she obtained an honorific mention; Dr. Montiel also received the award Medalla “Alfonso Caso”,  University merit, for the quality and originality of her contributions in research derived from her doctoral thesis work. In the year 2007, Dr. Montiel started to work at the Center for Applied Sciences and Technological Development (CCADET); now, Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology (ICAT), as Associated Researcher “C”, through the Program for the Strengthening of the Academic Staff for the University Women (PFAMU). Currently, it is full-time tenure researcher “B” at ICAT, with PRIDE “C” and SNI II.

Dr. Montiel’s research lines are the study of magnetic multilayered and soft magnetic materials with low dimension, where she is focused on the properties of magnetic and electric transport for the development of spintronic devices and magnetic sensors. Dr. Montiel is an active tutor for the Science and Materials Engineering (PCeIM) and Electric Engineering Graduate Program of UNAM. Dr. Montiel has also supervised 10 master’s degree thesis and two doctorates. Finally, Dr. Montiel has published 52 articles in international journals and has been invited to give 9 masterful conferences and two short magnetism courses.

  • Nonlinear optics and spectroscopy.
  • Materials science.
  • Electronic properties of condensed matter: soft materials, liquid crystals, and polymers.
  • Magnetoimpedance in ultra-soft ferromagnetic for biosensors design.
  • Novel physical behaviors in ferroics multilayered
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Editor of the book:

Advances in Non-Crystalline Solids: Metallic Glass Formation, Magnetic Properties and Amorphous Carbon Films”, Transworld Research Network, Kerala-India, ISBN: 978-81-7895-440-0, (2010).

Chapters of books:

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  • Magnetic properties in materials (Master level)
  • Magnetism workshop (Master level)



Enrique Francisco Pinzón-Escobar

Carmen Haide López-Ortega


Alejandra Sánchez-Meléndez


Mariel Lara Ortuño