Biomaterials and Nanostructured Catalysts

Ma. del Rocío Redón-de la Fuente

Dr. María del Rocío Redón-de la Fuente, is a chemist with a master’s and a doctorate degree in Chemical Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM. She has held postdoctoral fellowships at McGill University in Canada and the Autonomous University of Morelos, México and is currently a full time Researcher in the Department of Micro and Nanotechnologies of ICAT. Also, she belongs to the National System of Researchers with Level II (SNI II) and PRIDE C.

The main research areas of Dr. Redón focus on the design and obtaining of catalytic systems of homogeneous macrocrystals and nanosystems, the recovery of these by nanofiltration methods, with application in the treatment of atmospheric pollutants and in the obtaining of compounds base in the development of chemical species of pharmacological interest. In the group, we also synthesize metallic nanosystems to obtain fuels from biomass for the reduction of environmental pollutants. Currently, she is also working on the development and implementation of drug-releasing materials, through the use of small-generation dendrimers and multifunctional polymers as well as the inclusion of nanomaterials in polymers for use in additive manufacturing.

To date, she has obtained funding for 12 research projects, which allowed the publication of 40 articles in indexed international journals; one article in a national circulation journal; one book with international circulation; three chapters in books with international circulation as well as a score of non-indexed research or dissemination publications. Her works have received more than 1500 citations, generating a factor h of 18.

Dr. Redón has supervised 17 students’ research projects: 11 undergraduate research projects and 4 master and doctoral ones, in addition to supervising 33 students’ research stays. Her former students are employed in different industries of Mexico in areas of research and development, or they are doing postdoctoral stays. She regularly teaches classes in the Faculty of Chemistry at UNAM, as well as in the Graduate Programs in Chemical Sciences and Chemical Engineering of the University.

Throughout her career, Dr. Redón has been distinguished with UNAM’s “Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz” Award; she has been granted national scholarships by CONACyT and DGAPA and, different prizes awarded by the ‘American Chemical Society’ or ‘Johnson Matthey Plc’ for participating in international conferences; also, she is a regular member of the American Chemical Society, the Mexican Instrumentation Society and the Chemical Society of Mexico. She belongs to editorial committees of journals such as JART; ISRN Nanotechnology; Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials; Trends in Materials Sciences; Advances in Nanoparticles, among others. She participates, continuously as a reviewer of various national and international journals.

At ICAT, she is the current coordinator of the Biomaterials and Nanostructured Catalysts group, which is part of the Department of Micro and Nanotechnologies of the  Institute; she is also the President of the Academic Staff Association (CPA) of ICAT and member of the Evaluation Committee of Area 1 of Physics-Mathematics and Engineering Sciences (PAPIME). She has been a research advisor and member of the Permanent Commission of Academic Staff (CAACFMI); in addition to having been a member of the Subcommittee of PASPA and CCADET Scholarships. She has also been part of different CONACyT and PAPIIT committees.

  • Metallic nanoparticles

  • Nanomaterials for catalysis

  • Macromolecules for drug-releasing

  • Nanomaterials for additive manufacturing

  • Nanostructured materials for additive manufacturing
  • Master´s course, UNAM: Introducción a la Química de Materiales (Introduction to Chemistry of Materials)
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  • Elizabeth Adriana Granados Contreras
  • Alan Joshua Caballero Barcelata
  • Zuleica Perez Mendez
  • Miriam Daniela Aviles Avila
  • Jesús Armando Bermeo Campos
  • Elizabeth Adriana Granados Contreras
  • Alan Joshua Caballero Barcelata
  • Zuleica Perez Mendez
  • Miriam Daniela Aviles Avila
  • Jesús Armando Bermeo Campos